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August 2005 Monthly Archive

Not really news but… $4 a gallon coming soon.

It’s times like these that I’m glad I have an underpowered econobox.

Edit: Stupid me forgot to pump gas last night, and it went up 20 cents over one night. From $2.60 to $2.80. More popcorns that I could have bought!

What the heck is wrong with me
What the heck is wrong with me!?

I now owe $2.50 – again.

First I forgot and owed 50 cents. I quickly renewed it online (yup, I can do it online even after its overdue), but then I forgot about them again. Bad memory? Laziness? Stupidity!?

So yeah after I renewed it online, for whatever reason I put them away under my desk… and er, forgot about them. Stupidity sounds about right…

$2.50. Sigh.

That could have bought me half of a small popcorn at the theater.

If you don’t know what is, you need to get your butt there right now and check it out.


What the? Still here!? *whacks butt with volume 5 of the Britannica Encyclopedia*

Anyhow I’m going to steal Wikipedia’s description of Fatwallet, because it’s a good one:

FatWallet is a bargain hunter website that allows users to publish deals and rebate offers on a comprehensive range of products and services, though computer related products dominate the listings. FatWallet also features a Cash Back rebate shopping section, where users can receive a percentage of purchases back from merchants.

Now there’s lots of bargain hunter websites out there, but the best part about Fatwallet is its community of users. Although the forum functionality may be lacking, the response from the community lets you know instantly if a deal is HOT or COLD. For instance take the recent Dell 700M purchase I made (not for me). I would usually have to do a lot more research to make sure the product is worth the price, but the immediate feedback from users on the Fatwallet forum really saved me lots of time (and money). So far I have received $56.79 in cash back from Fatwallet.

$56.79 cash back from $4195.43 of purchase.  Sweet!
$56.79 cash back from $4195.43 of purchase. Sweet!

So it’s not really that much. 1% cash back from for that Hawaii trip I took 2 months ago, and 2% cash back for a Dell purchase. But saving money is saving money!

The Dell 700M was a pretty good deal. $750 off if you configure it to more than $1499; plus another $35 off for a coupon I bought off ebay for $4. (Pentium M 1.8 ghz, DVD burner, 60 gig HD and 256MB for $820 after tax & shipping – bought another 512MB from

Their finance forums are also pretty popular, they have an extensive user feedback for many of the popular online banking accounts. All the latest credit card sign-up bonus can also be found in Fatwallet’s finance forum. You should of course take caution when soliciting advice from strangers online. Be prepare if there aren’t nice responses too, the larger the user base, the larger its amount of mean people.

So er.. go check it out, por favor.

My $60 dollar textbook.
My $60 textbook

I’m taking an intro personal finance course for this semester as an elective. It’s rather strange, but unless I’m in a finance undergrad program, this course is not required at all. It’s not even required for my business program – you would think managing your own money is important (for any undergrad study).

So I’m looking at these general education requirements within any bachelor degree. You got some math, some English, some history, some science, and some economics; but no where is there a personal finance course required. I’m curious if there are any colleges or universities out there that require a personal finance course for any of their undergrad programs. Isn’t a basic thing such as learning how to secure your financial future important?

Well no late fee so far. My $100 payment went through and posted on the account yesterday night and I’m now below my credit limit. Although there was a period of time before my $100 payment posted that Chase said I had another payment of $13.45 due on the online account summary; since those pending charges posted before the $100 payment.

I’ll find out if I’ll get hit with any penalty in 3 days when the billing cycle ends.

So this has never happened before — I went over my credit limit by $13.45. Doh!

Enjoy the default APR rate of 89.95%, sucka!
Enjoy the default APR rate of 89.95%, sucka!

I have been charging a lot on this card lately (textbooks) — getting ready to sock drawer it once I get close to the limit. I guess I’m definitely near the limit now. The Chase VISA in question has a 15 months 0% APR on balance transfer and purchase (ends Sept 06). Knowing that I was getting close to the limit, I went ahead and cancelled all scheduled bill payments that was going to be made with this card — or so I thought.

While I was busy complaining to Time Warner about my cable on Friday, I forgot to cancel my scheduled online payment to them. The charge was made on Friday and went through on Saturday. Along with that bill pay, these pending charges will most likely be posted to the account on Monday.

As most of us know, you can have your APR rate bump up to the default rate (in my case its about 21%) for many reasons, and going over your credit limit is definitely one of them. Though whether I’ll have my rate bumped up or not is up to Chase. I have made a payment of $100 that will also be posted on Monday (according to the new Chase site) along with the pending charges, so I wonder what will happen?

Will I get the $35 over limit fee? Will my 0% rate be bump to the default rate? Let’s find out on Monday!

P.S. Oh yeah, if the rate does go up, I’m just going to pay off the card.

So I finally called Time Warner and complained to them about my Road Runner internet service.

CSR #1: “Hi how can I help you.”
Cap: “Hi, I was wondering when my bill term ends so I can cancel my service.”
CSR #1 (Five minutes of): “What’s wrong?”
Cap: “Blah blah random outages, yada high price, blah blah switching to DSL.”
CSR #1: “Let me switch you to someone that can help you.”

Fifteen Seconds later…

CSR #2: “Hi how can I help you.”
Cap: “Hi, I was wondering when my bill term ends so I can cancel my service.”
CSR #2:(Five minutes of): “What’s wrong?”
Cap: “Blah blah random outages, yada high price, blah blah switching to DSL.”
CSR #2 (Five minutes of): “DSL is slow, bad, not cool, not Kosher approved.”
Cap: “But DSL is cheaper.”
CSR #2 (Five minutes of): “You can add digital TV, broadband phone, or more services you don’t need to reduce your cable internet fee.”

Anyhow, they reduced the price from $44.95 to $29.95 for 6 months. Same deal for their new customers. I also found out that I can come in and switch my cable modem to a newer model, which might help with those random outages and connection problems. They also have a Road Runner lite that’s $10 bucks cheaper but slower, I might switch to that later.

$90 bucks savings for 20+ minute of phone call, not bad.

Complaining works!

Stop Buying Crap #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7 | #8 | #9 | #10 | #11 | #12

It’s been awhile but it’s back and ready for some more craptacular mentions!

Infomercial Products

So I was digging around the house looking for my $50+ Honda service manual that I misplaced (brake job time), and instead of finding the big giant green book, I found a dust-covered “Bagless Stick Shark Vacuum” box.

My digital camera went AWOL so here’s a poor quality picture from the cell phone camera.

Smiling Host Says: Buy me or I'll be in your dreams!
Smiling Host Says: Buy me or I’ll be in your dreams!
Anyway, this thing really sucks. What I mean is that it’s craptacular. It overheats easily because it’s so small, doesn’t do its job well, and cleaning the filter is really a big hassle. It’s a real good waste of money, especially if you already have a working vacuum machine (and we do). Now before you flame me for buying it, please realize that I didn’t make the purchase.So I did a search online and the first result I found on the Bagless Shark was a website of a guy destroying his Bagless Shark. Neato.I know I’m generalizing things, maybe not all infomercial products are a waste of money, but the ones I’ve come across sure seemed that way. I’m still not sure why people buy products from these infomercials. The over enthusiastic host showing off the products on TV scares me big time; their smiles make it really hard for me to sleep at night. *whimpers*


Smiling Host says: Buy me or I'll claw you to death.This reminds me of an event from long ago, when I was watching TV with an old friend of mine.The “Garden Claw” infomercial was on. She got really excited about it and wanted to buy it. It really surprised me because she lived in an apartment without a lawn or a garden.Damn those mesmerizing infomericals.

If its good enough to be on TV at 3 in the morning, it's good enough to be in your home.

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