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November 2005 Monthly Archive

The site’s full of contradiction. I probably post more stuff to buy than stuff not to buy.

If you’re ever in California, or select locations in Arizon and Nevada, you must blow some money (& health) on In-N-Out burgers.  If they ever go public, I’m blowing my life savings on them—even if their balance sheet is a joke. Now that’s brand loyalty!

A yummy burger and a quote from the Bible, what more can you ask for!?

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Here’s another HSBC Direct $25 account opening bonus for their 4.25% APY online savings account.

Latest promo code is “25pig”, for those that are finding this page via search engines. Expires in 2/28/06.

Useful for those that missed out on the last few promotions and are waiting for a new one.  You can also check out my full review of the HSBC Direct online savings account.

Alright, to even out the last post which somewhat endorsed buying stuff… here’s ten silly crap you should avoid this holiday season.

Thanks to Ian Ybarra for the heads up on the article.

Here’s something you’ll never-ever see me buying – The Oakley Thump, a $360+ mp3 player/sunglass. That’s just asking for someone to either break it or steal it from you.

Heh. If you’ve been planning to buy a budget laptop soon (either as a gift or out of necessity), Ananadtech has a good roundup of $600 laptops reviewed.

It’s a bit technical for some, but they’re indepth and covers each of the laptop reviewed well.

The laptops reviewed are: Compaq Presario V2000, V2000Z, M2000Z; Dell Inspiron 2200; and Gateway NX200S.

Skip to the conclusion and you’ll see that they recommend the NX200S as a first pick, and the Presario V2000 as the 2nd. Note that the Gateway doesn’t come with a wireless adapter, you’ll need to configure that as an add-on.

Sometimes I’m too easily impressed, and it clouds my judgment. Big time.

I didn’t realized that this could be a problem untill recently.

Case in point. I was trolling around in Barnes & Nobles, browsing through the business/marketing section. Picked up a book. I flipped it around, and went to the “About the Author” section.

Wow. This dude went to an Ivy League, did a buncha start-ups, consulted for buncha big names, wrote a buncha books, has been nominated and won blah blah awards, and all this before he’s in his late 30s!

Establishing some creditability and authority is always important, but it’s also important to keep some perspective on it. I was going way overboard – before I have even read the book, I had already established in my head that the author’s words are gold.

As I start to read the book, that impression grew stronger and stronger. The author was throwing lots of cliche statements and phrases at me. It looks like he did a good job of selling the book to the publisher, and it looks like I’m about to be the next target.

The smart guy in me (yeah it’s in there somewhere) woke up and asked myself, why are you so damn impressed?

Huh. Who said that?

You have a point, stranger. I feel like my thoughts are being influenced a wee bit.

Yeah dumbo. Look at this stuff, none of it is practical or applicable to you, he’s just writing what you want to read.

Oh my, you’re right! You sure are smart. How come you weren’t around more when I needed you?

I tend to do this a lot. Not just in books, but in many situation when I make a decision. I get impressed by someone’s action, someone’s status, and I follow along like a sheep. (Holy crap, that’s how this blog started).

There’s nothing wrong to be inspired, encouraged, or motivated. The problem I think, is being influenced by the wrong reason. Like the book I was reading – I should only buy it if it’s useful to me, not just because the author may be some authority in the category, or some best seller (he wasn’t).

Young, stuipd, and impressionable. Good times.

Yeah I’m going to sleep in this Friday.

Not because of some anti-consumerism ideal about not spending any money on say Friday, but more because I’m lazy and scared of large crowds.

Yeah, I’m a bit tempted to wake up 5 in the morning, go to WalMart to grab one of those $378 laptop. But having to fight the crowd is just plain scary. Even scarier, I don’t need a laptop at all and I’m tempted. It would fulfill my dream of blogging from the bathroom. But that’s hardly a necessity. Yet.

Circuit City also has a Toshiba laptop for around $450 after rebate.

Anyway, sleeping in. Yeah.

Update: Looks like these laptops are in extremely limited quantity per stores. They might as well don’t exist, because it’ll be pretty darn tough to get ’em. Sure got everyone hyped up though.

Here’s a story that has little to do with personal finance but plenty on being a gluttonous cheapskate.

So once upon a time, I was watching a DVD in front of my computer, while wolfing down those Costco Kirkland Signature™ Chocolate Chip Cookies.

If you shop at Costco, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I have this habit of splitting my cookies in half before I throw them in my mouth, and I did so with each of the cookies I came across.

As the numbers of cookies diminish down to the last few, I commit to my routine of: pick up, split in half, throw ’em in mouth, and chomp away.  Imagine my surprise when one of the cookie wouldn’t detach, after I’ve already split it in half.

Hmm, what the.

Since the room was quite dim, I held the cookie up to the brightly lit screen.


The split cookies were connected by a single strand of long, thin, human hair.

At least, I hope it’s human hair.

The first thought that came into my mind was, “Man, that’s some strong hair.” The second thought was, “How many cookies do I have left?”

After doing some basic arithmetic in my head, I counted three cookies.

So what did I do?

Naturally, I ate around the strand of hair.

Moral of the story?

Next time, take a picture and complain to Costco, so you can get another box of cookies for free. Better yet, bring it to them and show it to them.

Finally. What I’ve been waiting for. Extra security for my Bank of America online account access. Yay. *sarcasm off*

Actually it’s not so bad if you only log into your account from one computer, but if you use different computers, expect more security questions.

SiteKey basically helps you identify Bank of America’s real login site from the fake ones. When you setup your SiteKey Image, each time you attempt to log on, Bank of America will display that specific Image you’ve choose. If you don’t see the same image, you’re not at a real Bank of America website. If you’re using another computer, you’ll have another set of questions to answer before you can log into your account.

Here’s what it sorta looks like:


You can find more information about it on Bank of America’s website.

Despite my hate for extra security, this one’s actually a pretty good idea – the implementation isn’t so bad at all. I was worried that there will be an extra set of security key, but looks like that won’t happen anytime soon.

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