Payday Loans

November 2007 Monthly Archive

Mmm... Cuban...So I just had dinner a few hours ago (mmm… chicken) and was about to just pay for the entire thing on my credit card because it honestly wasn’t too much and these were good people… but one party decided to pay for their part of the meal by cash, which was just peachy by me.

On the way home, I decided to hop by the ATM to get some cash for my el-cheapo $8 haircut when I realized that I just got some cash earlier. A quick count of the amount revealed that sure enough, the party paid for their fair share of the meal, accounting for taxes and tip – nice!

This made me realize that had the amount been off, it would have bothered me… even if it was just a few bucks here and there (probably not a good trait to have).

I’m sure everyone has experienced similar situations where you decided to split the bill but one party or person always come up short on the amount, neglecting tip, taxes, or forgetting that they ordered a drink here and there.

For whatever reason, stuff like this really bugs me (too cheap?). I’d much rather the person not pay at all, or at the very least acknowledge that they don’t have enough on them. This isn’t a big deal when you’re dinning amongst friends, but if you’re in a large party and a few people come up short, the end result isn’t too pretty and someone will get screwed over.

Solutions? Uh… don’t eat out? Make sure you have dinner with non-stingy people? *shrug*

I notice that people sometimes get a little bit embarrassed about the stores they shop at, whether it be for clothes, food, or whatever — embarrassed enough that they won’t tell people where they shop. All of which I think is a bit silly, but I suppose its entirely understandable.

Obviously, I have no qualms about such embarrassments, especially since I’m hiding behind an anonymous Internet handle. So, here’s a list of places where I shop for my goods:


  • Ross
  • T.J. Max
  • Various outlets in the middle of nowhere


  • Can’t recall the last time when I bought new shoes


  • Albertsons
  • Target
  • CostCo
  • Fast food (heart attack one of these days)

  • My sister’s house
  • $1 DVD Rental on Edinger and Harbor


  • Library

Computer Stuff

  • Newegg
  • Anandtech forums

Misc Stuff

  • Target
  • Wal-Mart

Mmm... heart attack...When compared to my spending trend via from a recent month, things seem to align pretty much with what I’ve listed above.

The majority of transactions were food related, and sadly, many of them are fast food purchases. I blame the recent Chipotle-binge on Atish and the rest of the gang at Mint.

(If you’re wondering about the large transactional amount for the month, ignore it as it’s being skewed highly by the purchase of plane tickets).

So yeah. That’s where I shop. Clothes from off-price retailers; food from warehouse club; and home supplies from one of the largest retail outlet with the occasional questionable business practices.

Feel free to share.