Payday Loans

May 2009 Monthly Archive

Ever since Experian and Fair Isaac stopped offering an Experian based FICO score to consumers, I’ve had a large, unfulfilled hole in my life. The woe and despair that I felt was equivalent to having my dinner stolen from me after spending a good hour preparing and making omurice.

Thankfully, the good folks at came to the rescue, pulling me from the depths of depression, providing me hope and courage to make another Japanese dish for dinner. is a free web service from Quicken Loans (formerly Rock Financial Corporation) that provides you with a free credit report, score, home value and budgeting tools.  I’ve wrote a review on Quizzle about 7 months ago, and in that review, I went over most aspect of the service.  If you’re interested, check the review out.

What I neglected to mention in the review was that Quizzle provides you with a free credit report and score every six months and that the credit report and credit score is based on your Experian report.  So for those of us that are looking for a free source to get an Experian-based credit score, is the perfect place to visit.

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Some may wonder if its redundant to pass legislation that’s similar to regulation already imposed by banking regulators, but regardless, the newly minted Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility, and Disclosure Act of 2009 has been signed into law.

Here’s the breakdown on the changes when the law comes into effect February 22, 2010.

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Half a decade ago when I was 19, I was sitting in a hospital waiting room as a family member underwent a medical procedure.

Spying a cute girl of similar age across the room, I proceeded to try and “look smart” by picking up the local newspaper so I can pretend to read it — but of course my real intention at the time was to have an easier means to take the occasional peek at the cute girl.

Ah. The shaping of a future creepy stalker. I’m not sure why I added this story to the post, but, there it is.

What really caught my eyes that day though was a story in the local newspaper about “killer” medical bills – medical billing errors that were so drastic that it affected the entire financial well-being of a family.  Apparently, a fat-finger mishap occurred where the hospital billing department mistakenly typed in the wrong billing code for the procedure done in the hospital, and the minor clerical error resulted in a fatigue-inducing, long drawn-out battle with the hospital over the medical bill.

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ShareBuilder Costco Sign-up Bonus Promotion

The online discount broker ShareBuilder currently has a sign-up bonus promotion for Costco members.  ShareBuilder encourages recurring monthly investment, dollar cost averaging, and the general idea of building your investment for the future — because of that, it wasn’t much of a surprise when ING Direct decided to purchase ShareBuilder a few years ago.

The promotion is simple. You get a $90 account bonus if you’re a Costco Executive member along with a 25% transaction charge rebate, or you’ll receive a $70 account bonus with a 10% transaction charge rebate if you’re a Costco Gold Star and Business member.

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