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January 2010 Monthly Archive

The Joy of Laziness

Before you start setting up various financial New Year resolution goals, one quick exercise you should probably do is to focus on prioritizing  your financial weakness that cost you the most money.  Whether it’s lack of will power in spending, inability to comparison shop properly, impulsive financial decisions, risky stock purchases — we all probably have made a number of blunders that has cost us more money than we’d care to admit.

The reason why I believe it’s important to focus on the weakness or mistakes that cost you the most money, is simply because the return on time investment will have a more meaningful financial impact.  Unfortunately, whether or not it’ll be easy for you to fix or improve that particular financial weakness will be another story.

But take heart, although baby steps are a perfectly legitimate way in bettering yourself, there really isn’t anything wrong with trying to tackle a big problem and failing — after all, none of us are perfect.  Maybe you tried to cut your monthly lavish spa treatment but was only able to stick to the gun for 2 months.  So what?  That two month’s worth of savings is decisively better than never taking the initiative to save.

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Hey Jerk Face,

If the car you see in your side mirror is appearing to come CLOSER to you (e.g., object in mirror is getting LARGER), then odds are that he’s driving FASTER than you and thus it is probably a BAD idea to change into that particular lane at the very last minute.

Just thought you’d like to know. Jerk face.

Happy New Year!