If you think saving money, spending wisely, and making sound financial decision can’t be fun — think again. Living a sensible financial life doesn’t have to be painful, tedious, or boring; it can be exciting, rewarding, and of course fun.

StopBuyingCrap.com is a personal finance blog offering personal finance and consumer tips. This blog was started all the way back in 2005! You’ll find blog post regarding various subjects on personal finance, and the occasional highlights of stupid products we should all avoid. Surprisingly, this blog has been mentioned in Business Week, Barron’s, the Wall Street Journal, Yahoo Finance, and other major media outlets.

My name is Cap, and I’m responsible for most of the content you’ll find on this blog. I’m your Average-Joe-turned-Financial-Nerd (urban legend has it that this happens frequently). My interest are sleeping, eating, and consuming every information related to personal finance.

Besides managing StopBuyingCrap.com in my spare time, I’ve also previously worked as a blog editor at two financial startups: Mint.com (pre-acquisition by Intuit) and BillShrink.com (pre-acquisition by MasterCard). If you have random questions on blogging, feel free to contact me.

Note: These days you won’t find too many writing on the blog, but when the mood strikes you may see new updates and thoughts on personal finance.

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