*But only when pigs fly.

I always wonder why companies bother to spend the time on an advertisement, only to ruin it with an asterisk. Whatever the actual footnote may be, just by having that little asterisk in the ad will make the message less effective.

Take one of the latest Apple commercial for example. The simple 30 second ad tells you that the latest Intel-based Mac can run Windows software. Cool, that’s good to know.

But then they had to go and throw in an asterisk.

this is the best blog post ever*

And you know, the ad is still true—but then there’s that footnote. There’s that exception.

What we’ve just pitched to you is true—but you will of course need this and that.

They had 19 other reasons why you’ll love a Mac, plenty of them convincing; but they had to go and pick one that needed an asterisk.