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Free burgers is nice and all, but giving away relevant and practical stuff is even better.  H&R Block is giving away three copies of Tax Cut to readers of this horrific blog (see, there are perks to reading this blog, after all).

Win a copy of H&R Block's Taxcut

If you’re a procrastinator like me and haven’t finished filing your taxes yet, this will be a timely giveaway. Contest will end soon on next Monday, just to make sure you get a copy in time before April 15.

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Update: Unfortunately all the 30% off promo code are expired. You can still get Equifax Score Watch for $12.95, cheaper than myFICO’s $14.95 per month rate.

You’ll have to be a true credit junkie to know this, but myFICO is celebrating their 8th anniversary and is offering 30% off any of their FICO products.  It doesn’t beat the previous 50% off discount, but 30% isn’t too shabby either.

All these discount updates I’ve posted through out the years should confirm one thing: you should never pay full price for any myFICO scores!

FICO Score Watch$12.95 $9.7425% off discount

FICO Credit Score $31.90 $22.3230% off discount

FICO Quarterly Monitoring – $49.95 $34.9730% off discount

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit $49.95 $34.9730% off discount

It’s almost two in the morning, I can’t sleep, and I have a 14 hour flight in the next couple of hours. Fan-freaking-tastic.

After careful consideration, I’ve realized that the best way to grind through a spell of late-night sleep deprivation would be not one, but two juicy In-N-Out burger.  Super sweet.

In-n-Out Burgers and Gift Cards

Long time readers will remember that I’ve promised to give away In-N-Out gifts cards whenever I eat at In-N-Out. I think I’ve forgotten to purchase the gift cards a few times while enjoying a burger — but what can you do, I’m a selfish bastard.

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Haven’t been to a Denny’s in awhile… but if you don’t mind the potential busy restaurant and wait, Denny’s giving a free Grand Slam breakfast per customer, from 6 AM to 2 PM on Tuesday, 2/3/09.

If you don’t want to wait, speak with the manager and request for a rain check coupon, which will enable you to come back at another time to get your free Grand Slam at a more convenient time of your choosing.  Each Denny’s should have 500 of these Grand Slam rain check coupons.

To entice you further, each customer that orders a free Grand Slam will receive a coupon book with more freebies with purchases. Each restaurant should have 1,000 of these coupon books.

Estimated customers taking advantage of this deal is expected to be about two million. You can search for a nearest location at  Just an FYI to all that may not have seen the Super Bowl ad.

For the nutritional conscious: A Grand Slam is about 795 calories, 50 grams of fat (14 grams of saturated fat), 460 milligram of  cholesterol, 2273 milligram of sodium, 65 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fiber, and 34 grams of protein.

Yum.  A healthy jog/walk with the pals after breakfast certainly wouldn’t hurt.

Update: Unfortunately all the 50% off promo code are expired. You can still get Equifax Score Watch for $12.95, cheaper than myFICO’s $14.95 per month rate.

Pretty darn good deal. 50% off all myFICO products.  If you’ve been considering checking your credit score for whatever reason, this will be as good of a time as any because the usual myfico discounts are only about 10% to 25% off (with the max I’ve seen at 30% off). This 50% off discount will expire soon so take advantage of it before it goes the way of dodo birds.

FICO Score Watch$89.95 $44.9550% off discount

FICO Credit Complete$47.85 $23.9150% off discount

FICO Quarterly Monitoring – $49.95 $24.9750% off discount

Suze Orman’s FICO Kit $49.95 $24.9750% off discount

Suze Orman is on Oprah again this week (today, in fact) — and she’s giving away another copy of her book in eBook format.  This year, they’re giving away a copy of Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan.

You can download the eBook by visiting or use the link below to view or download the eBook (right click, save as).

Download Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan

The book is in PDF format, 1.2 MB, and at only about 200 pages, it’s a quick enough of a read. The free download offer along with the link will expire on Thursday, January 15th.

Update: The book is no longer available for free download, but you can still read the first chapter of the book on

Wamu Free Checking Sign up Bonus

If you’re a WaMu credit card customer but don’t have a WaMu checking account, you may be seeing the above mailer in your mail box.

A pretty decent deal that I’ll personally hop on too.  Deposit $100 into a free checking account and get $100 bonus?  Regardless of tax on the bonus, it’s a no-brainer deal  (the offer is unfortunately only available to people that have received the mailer).

WaMu’s free checking looks to be pretty solid.  The account has no minimum balance or direct deposit requirements.  Three noteworthy features:

  • Free checks for life if you choose the basic check image option.
  • Free overdraft or non-sufficient fund fee refund — one use per year.
  • Free outgoing wire-transfer worldwide (a $20 to $60 savings per transfer, depending on where you bank).

The promotional details are straight forward enough: Open a WaMu free checking between 11/24/08 and 01/24/09 with a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates).  Bonus will be deposited into account within 12 weeks after account opening.  No hard credit pull for opening the checking account.


If you want to try for the promotion without the mailer offer, try calling 1-800-685-1644 and tell them the promotional code you have doesn’t work.  This is true enough as those receiving the mailer or flyer in newspaper in select regions are reporting that the promotional code included doesn’t work online. Current reported regions receiving the promotion are Northern and Southern California and select parts in Washington.

From now till January 4th, 2009, Discover is giving away a $20 gift card for every $200 you spend on your Discover Card at malls participating in the promotion nationwide, effectively a 10% cash back — especially hot if you’re already planning to spend that very amount at select malls.

The promotion terms:

  • Find the 160 participating malls here.
  • Get a $20 Discover gift card when you make $200 in purchases at participating mall between 11/01/08 to 01/04/09, while supplies last.
  • Present original receipts and Discover card used to make purchase at mall’s Customer Service by 01/04/09 to claim gift cards.
  • Limit 5 gift cards per account (effectively $100 off $1000 per Discover account).

You get more gift cards if you spend in multiples of $200. I did a quick search and it looks like the participating malls in my area are the expensive upscale ones, but don’t let that deter you, as you can easily spend in multiples of $200 by buying gift cards at select stores.

Sneaky loophole: You can return the purchased items and keep the gift card as there’s no requirement to return the gift card. Up to you if this is ethical or not. If you’re truly returning something because it blows then this should be a non-issue.

Don’t have a Discover card?

Here’s two decent ones that will qualify for this promotion:

Discover More card currently gives $50 cash bonus after spending $500. 1% unlimited cash back on all other purchases and 5% back in select rotating categories (occasionally very hot whenever Discover rolls in the gas, restaurant, and grocery categories for select months).

Discover Miles card currently offers 12,000 bonus miles, which you can claim for $100 cash credit on any travel purchase, or request a $50 gift card along with $25 cash.  The 12,000 bonus miles are earned in increments of 1,000 miles each month you make any purchase, for 12 months. It’s an okay deal as any purchase per month will qualify for the additional 1,000 bonus miles.

I’ve been thinking of opening a Discover More card to take advantage of their rotating 5% cash back categories, and this current promotion may just be enough to sway me into opening yet another card. Will definitely post a review if I open an account.

From [MyMoneyBlog].

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