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Hey Jerk Face,

If the car you see in your side mirror is appearing to come CLOSER to you (e.g., object in mirror is getting LARGER), then odds are that he’s driving FASTER than you and thus it is probably a BAD idea to change into that particular lane at the very last minute.

Just thought you’d like to know. Jerk face.

Happy New Year!

Quick Sunday night rant.

Ever have one of those moments in your life where you realize you’re the very definition of gluttony?

After waiting impatiently for over half an hour for the pizza to finish baking in the oven, I quickly took the finished good out of the oven and proceed to stuff a slice into my mouth — and quickly got my tongue burned for being a moron.

To add insult to the stupid injury, my friends decided to invite me out for a feast the very next day — but my burnt tongue still can’t taste jack doo doo.

Oh, the shame.

Mmm… Sunday morning rant.

Seriously, what’s up with $200+ jeans? For that matter, anything more than $40 gets me a bit confused (or heck, even $20) — and $200 is only the mid-range price point.

I mean, what makes this jean that’s made in Colombia, better that one that’s also made in Colombia?

Okay okay, I suppose quite a many of them are made in the states (or other “high-end” countries), and I suppose if you can afford it — all good?

One thing’s for sure, if you’re a shareholder of True Religion and the likes, you’re not complaining — and yeah, the rant is also a few years too late.

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Random Sunday afternoon rant.

So when you hand your credit card to the cashier, sometimes they fiddle with it while waiting for the transaction to clear. Tapping it against the counter, flipping it, memorizing your card number, etc.

You know, the usual stuff. No biggie.

But lately my credit cards have been getting some weird fiddling — in the form of pressing the card against their lips — like how people bite or press a pen against their lips while in deep thought.

Dear cashiers: Please just scan my credit card and not make out with it. Thank you.

Quick Sunday Rant.

Anyone else hate it when you get hungry immediately after you finish flossing and brushing your teeth?

Last night at around ten in the evening, I spent a good fifteen or so minutes brushing and flossing my teeth (I’m slow with my hands, leave me alone). Immediately after I toss the floss and rinse my mouth, my stomach started to growl.


And get this — for whatever reason, I really wanted some popcorn.

And nachos. And some hot dogs. Oh , and maybe a big jug of sugar-filled pop (that’s carbonated soft drinks for you young’un).

I usually leave these random rantings for a Sunday post, but I just woke up in the middle of the night with a very, very, painful leg cramp (I was dehydrated too so that made it worse).

Had I been in a pool instead of my bed, I am 92% positive I would have drowned. It’s a good thing I don’t swim while I sleep.

It’s also been a long time since I’ve had a muscle cramp in my calves, and I believe this is the first time for it to happen while I was asleep. Ow.

Random Sunday morning rant.

Does anyone else find it annoying that when you plug a USB cable into a USB slot, it’ll never fit in on the first try? Maybe it’s just me…

Just a quick Sunday night rant.

What happened to common courtesy such as holding the door for someone?

Now I’m not saying you should be acting like a doorman when it’s not your job, but it doesn’t hurt to hold the door for someone if they’re a few steps away—or look behind you to check if someone is behind you before you close the door.