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  • Number of accounts opened: 7
  • Inquiries: 3
  • Total revolving balances: $2,500
  • Total available credit: $53,000

Finally, back above 700!

This another fine example that the total amount of revolving balance affects your FICO score greatly. Since the last update in June, there has been little changes to any of these accounts besides the pay down of 0% balance transfers. Remember kids, if you’re utilizing a large portion of your credit limit, you’re giving your credit scores a major hit. Refer to the November 2005 score as an example.

The current, real-time score is most likely above 727, as the current total revolving balance should only be around $500—but the Providian score was most likely acquired during the middle of August. Will grab some scores via for a quick comparison later on in the week.

Now that the scores and balances are in a more reasonable range, it may be time to look for another card to replace the soon-to-be defunct Citi Dividend Card.

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