Ever since Experian and Fair Isaac stopped offering an Experian based FICO score to consumers, I’ve had a large, unfulfilled hole in my life. The woe and despair that I felt was equivalent to having my dinner stolen from me after spending a good hour preparing and making omurice.

Thankfully, the good folks at Quizzle.com came to the rescue, pulling me from the depths of depression, providing me hope and courage to make another Japanese dish for dinner.

Quizzle.com is a free web service from Quicken Loans (formerly Rock Financial Corporation) that provides you with a free credit report, score, home value and budgeting tools.  I’ve wrote a review on Quizzle about 7 months ago, and in that review, I went over most aspect of the service.  If you’re interested, check the review out.

What I neglected to mention in the review was that Quizzle provides you with a free credit report and score every six months and that the credit report and credit score is based on your Experian report.  So for those of us that are looking for a free source to get an Experian-based credit score, Quizzle.com is the perfect place to visit.

I logged into my Quizzle.com account today and was greeted with a friendly message, informing me that I’m eligible to receive a new, FREE credit report and score. Yay to me!

(click to enlarge)

As I proceed along to request for my free report and score, an update from Quizzle informs me that they have changed the credit score model they’re using to align more closely with other scores on the market, and are now providing users with Experian’s National Equivalency Score with a 360-840 scale (previously, the old scoring model uses a 300-900 scale).

This is probably a good move since it weeds out any possible confusion to the already complicated world of credit scoring (there are many different models and formulation from each of the major credit reporting agency, not to mention FICO credit scores from Fair Isaac).

Once you click on the continue and confirmation button, you’ll be presented with your free, Experian-based credit report and score:

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The score is, as mentioned, on a scale of 360-840, and Quizzle will provide you with both a lettering grade and a percentage grade. If you click on “How is this grade calculated?” — Quizzle will list the factors involved in computing your credit score.

The credit report is simple to digest, and you should be able to quickly read it if you’ve requested and viewed a credit report before.  The version Quizzle provides you with is a bit stripped down compared to others (for example, it doesn’t show previous balances and previous payment history), but it does give enough to let you know what open/closed accounts are on your credit report, and what your current reported balance are along with current payment timeliness.

Clicking over to the credit inquiries tab will show you the latest hard credit inquiries on your Experian report. Remember that checking your credit report or score will not be counted as an hard inquiry, and will not affect your credit scores.

Overall, Quizzle’s free credit report and score functions exactly as promised, and having another alternative to receive a bi-annual free report and score is definitely a welcoming move in a time where keeping on top of your financial health is of utmost importance.

If you’re not comfortable with using a third-party website to receive your credit report and score, you should know that Quizzle.com, as noted above, is provided by Quicken Loans, one of the largest online retail mortgage lender in the nation, having provided mortgage lending services for nearly 25 years — so it’s not exactly a fly-by-night company looking to sell your personal information.

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