Yeah so the blog’s previews (& other upcoming post) takes about a few decade to become a full review… but you know, good things comes to those that wait etc. etc.

If you’re the cable news TV type, you may have noticed the ape-crazy advertising campaign that Chase has set up for the Chase Freedom Credit Card. In fact, as far as I can tell, the Chase Freedom ad is also aggressively marketed on many online news site.

The gist:

  • A cash-back credit card that can be converted to earning points, depending on customer preference.
  • 3% cash back (or points) for every $1 spend at eligible Gas, Grocery, and Quick Service Restaurant purchases.
  • Quick Service (as in fast food joints), but this may also include places such as sandwich, bagel, and coffee shops!
  • 1% cash back (or points) for every $1 spend elsewhere.
  • Save up $200 in cash back and get $250 back! (Essentially 3.75% or 1.25% cash back, depending on purchases).
  • Maximum of $600 in purchase within a billing cycle for the 3% category.
  • Cash back expires in 36 months, while points expire in 60 months.

Mmm cash back on fast food


  • 3% cash back may be as good as it gets for now.
  • 3% cash back for trans fat filled burritos, burgers, fries, and donuts! Oh my!
  • 3.75% cash back for those that are patient.
  • No more two-cycle billing method.
  • New Chase site allows for easier cash-back claim and switching to point.


  • High interest rate: 14.24% APR for good credit, 18.24% APR for moderate, and finally 23.24% APR for marginal credit. (Prime rate are high these days).
  • 3% international purchase/transaction fee. Yuck.
  • It’s another freaking credit card in your wallet.

Expect a full review soon. And by soon, I mean someday within this lifetime.

Update: Full review of Chase Freedom Credit Card is now available.