Shop till you drop, yo.

Any feedbacks and a few clicks on the voting poll will greatly be appreciated.

I’ll be flying out tonight to New York City (bleh to long flights) to attend a small blogging conference being held on Wednesday by the good folks at Consumer Reports, and one of the topics — is of course — on how new medias (social networking, blogs, videos etc.) are helping consumers in today’s busy marketplace.

So, on that note, here’s a quick poll for your clicking pleasure (comments are also greatly appreciated, click here if you don’t see the poll in your RSS reader):


For me, depending on the item… I will research extensively via search engine, head to one of the specialized niche message boards, read about user opinions… and hopefully by the time I’m done fiddling with all that, whatever it was that I wanted to buy would be out of my mind.

And then, if I really do in fact need it… I’ll use various price comparison engine; search for coupons and deals; read reviews on the web retailer I’m considering buy from; and finally make the purchase.

I guess I could make it easy on myself sometimes and just buy it all on Amazon.

P.S. Never been to New York City before, so one of the first place I’ll check out is the American Natural History Museum. Yeah, you bet your ass I’m a nerd.

Creative Commons License top photo credit: Armel*