Let’s not kid ourselves Wal-Mart. There’s no way self check-out is fun.

Fun my butt!

It may be fast (sometimes), and it may be easy (sometimes)… but I never had a blast standing there, fumbling around looking for the product’s UPC code, scanning it 50 times, or enjoyed hearing the machine telling me: “Weight in basket is incorrect.”

You can also find these “fun” self check-out stations at many supermarket chains across the country. They’re a bad idea to use if you have a bunch of produce with you.

I do use self check-out occasionally, if the lines at the cashier is long and especially if I have a small quantity of items. But it was never fun. It can be a convenience, but it should never replace real cashiers.

Just look at the helper staff at the self check-out station. They sure as hell aren’t having any fun.

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