Remember how I got that baseball hat from Emigrant Direct?

In it, they enclosed a nice letter telling me about their “commitment in delivering outstanding value and providing exemplary customer service.” They enclosed the hat as a “token of their appreciate for my business.”

Remember how my account was closed without warning by Emigrant Direct?

I guess they didn’t really care for my business after all.

So I figure I’ll send the hat back, along with a badly written complaint letter.

The gist of the complaint letter is: closing accounts without warning sucks and not disclosing your policy sucks. I didn’t really ask for a resolution, it’s been much too long and I’ve tried too many times already.

1. The Baseball Hat

The Latest Fashion!


2. The Whiny Letter

The Wah Wah Letter!


3. The Shipping Label FTW!


4. The Delivery Confirmation

It's Delivery Confirmation, not Tracking!


The package’s delivery confirmation is 9101805213907103706638.

Let’s see how long it takes for it to reach New York from California :)


Woah, it took only 1 business day? USPS must be on steroid this weekend. Strangely, the item still hasn’t been delivered yet. No one home? A Notice was left, so now someone from Emigrant Direct will have to go pick it up at the postal office. I should have just sent the hat to Emigrant’s address in NYC instead of the supposedly brand new, “state-of-the-art” Customer Service Center.

USPS on Steroid!


Neato tracking map provided by!