FNBO Direct BillPay Bonus

FNBO Direct is running a $25 opening bonus for their Online BillPay account.

Promotion details:

  • Open a new FNBO Direct Online BillPay account (FNBO Direct Savings required).
  • $25 bonus credit to account within 30 days after opening.
  • BillPay account will need to be opened for 90 days and you’ll have to make at least one BillPay payment during that period.
  • Promotion ends on 9/30/08.

Seems straight forward enough, especially if you already have a FNBO Direct Online Savings account. Open the account, transfer in $50 bucks, make a payment for your monthly subscription to Cereal Digest Monthly and claim the $25.

Thanks to this promotion, I just remembered the FNBO savings account that I’ve opened over a year ago (with $102 in the account). It’s like finding five bucks under the sofa cushion. Sweet!

From [Blueprint for Financial Prosperity]