Current working codes: E1303bdy20FST or CPPSAVINGS for 10% to 20% off. YMMV!

Free trial offer: Test drive Score Watch with this 10-day free trial offer.

myFICO Promo Code

Updated 04/22/18 Note: The code E1303bdy20FST works as of March 2013 but again, a very much your results may vary thing (if you're a frequent buyer then the discount may not work). The free-trial always works for a new user or someone who hasn't checked their FICO score recently.

Which myFICO Product Should I Buy?

The myFICO discount code generally works for almost all the myFICO credit products listed below. If you're unfamiliar with the products, here's a complete breakdown:

  • Score Watch Free Trial

    Try 10-day free Score Watch (from if you haven't signed up for the service before. Otherwise, at myFICO you have the option of paying a monthly subscription for $14.95 a month or pay for an annual $149.95 plan. For the monthly rate, there is a 3-month minimum subscription. With myFICO's Score Watch, you will receive a monthly FICO score and report from Equifax along with credit monitoring. Score Watch is a useful service if you need credit monitoring to see positive or negative changes in your credit profile.
  • FICO Quarterly Monitoring

    You get a FICO score along with a credit report from TransUnion four times per year, you can choose a monthly payment subscription or a yearly discounted plan. FICO Quarterly Monitoring is a helpful service if you suspect identity theft may happen and need to monitor your credit, as the service also includes an identity theft insurance coverage. FICO Quarterly Monitoring is different compared to Score Watch mainly in that the scores are from TransUnion and not Equifax, and that the scores are provided to you on a quarterly basis, compared to a monthly score update. Because of the new price change, this is actually the best bang for the buck in terms of FICO score per dollar. $4.95 a month for 12 months comes to $59.40, after the 25% discount makes the monthly price $3.74, or $44.88 yearly. This results in a price of $11.22 per score (as you get four TransUnion score per year). Pretty darn good deal!
  • FICO Score Standard

    You get your choice of FICO score and credit report from Equifax and/or TransUnion (Experian FICO score is unfortunately no longer offered). FICO Score Standard is a useful service if you're shopping for an auto or mortgage loan and need to know where you credit currently stand from a specific credit report agency and are relatively cheap when purchased with the myfico promo available above. If you know positively that the lender in question only uses TransUnion or Equifax, just purchase one of the respective score only and save money (especially since they recently raised the price on the FICO scores).
You'll notice that some other myFICO product descriptions aren't listed above, namely the Suze Orman's FICO Kit Platinum along with IDFreeze. This is simply because I personally don't recommend these two products as they overlap the other offerings above. The educational information you'll receive from Suze Orman's FICO kit can mostly be found at various credit education websites online, not to mention myFICO's very own education center and knowledge base. You can definitely try them out if you want, but again, I personally don't feel that they're worth the thinner wallet.

How do I get the myFICO promo code to work?

How to apply the promo code discount

First, visit this link, and use the latest available coupon code listed above this page. Click on the myFICO logo to visit the homepage, then click on "check my FICO SCORE" tab. There, you will find the button to buy FICO Standard (aka just your Equifax and TransUnion scores). Look for the promo code box on the bottom left and you're set!

They have since created a streamline purchase page, making it a little bit easier to by your FICO scores, requiring about 3-4 pages instead of the previous 7 pages of transaction. (Here's another perspective: making it easier for them to make a buck out of you). Once you've logged in or created your account, you'll be presented with an up-sale offer of a property report. If you're not interested, simply leave the button where it is: "No thanks" and click "Continue."

You'll be presented with the screenshot above, with the discount already applied. Fill in your payment information and simply click the orange "Make Purchase Now" button and violà --- scores at a 25% (at times, 30%) discount!

Is the Code I'm Using Updated or Expired?

Need more information on each of the products listed above? If you need more details on Score Watch, this page will have more breakdown on each of the products Fair Isaac offers, including the latest promo code that will give you additional savings off your purchases.

Because the credit score business is big money, there are numerous amounts of coupon and discount codes released periodically by Fair Isaac, with some occasions of anniversary sales and/or special discounts. I regularly keep track of codes that's working (and I'll update the expired list below accordingly so you can find out if the promo you're using is expired or not).

Occasional Working Codes:

  • CPPSAVINGS: YMMV on this code. Its been confirmed to work sometimes for some individuals but most of the time it may not work.

Recently Expired Codes:

  • E1302SGL20FST: 20% off all products worked in Feb 2013.
  • UNIONPLUS: 10% off all FICO product was the last known verified working code.
  • FICO25: 25% off FICO product expired after prices were raised. D'oh!
  • FORUMS25: Offered to creditboard forums members. Expired around Feb/March 2011.
  • TWEET25: Limited time 25% off via myFICO twitter account expired Feb 2011.
  • SW94608: 30% off Score Watch and individual scores. Expired August 2010.
  • MYFICO25: 25% off. Expired sometime during summer, 2010.
  • MYFICO30: 30% off myFICO products. Expired end of March, 2010.
  • 26UNTIL2010: 26% off myFICO Standard until --- you've guessed it, 2010.
  • SURVEY30: 30% off all myFICO products. Unfortunately expired.
  • NOVEMBER26: Works for 26% off myFICO Standard until November 26, 2009.
  • FINANCIALHELP25: Provided on homepage, worked until 9/09.
  • 50FICOKIT: 50% off allFICO scores. Great deal, may appear again in future.
  • myFICOis8: 30% off during FICO's 8th anniversary. Perhaps they'll do a 9th anniversary sale in the future.