If you have a Zecco Trading account, you can easily earn $75 by sending a referral to a friend. The gist of the Zecco refer a friend program is pretty straightforward, you send an invite by email to a pal that may be interested in opening an online discount broker account, your friend signs-up with the same invited email address, funds their account for $500, and you’ll get $75 cash deposited into your account (or a $75 Amazon gift certificate if you have an IRA). A cool $75 = a decent dinner for you and your friend; eight In-n-Out lunches with you and your friend; or you can just hoard the money and not share them with your pal — I’d suggest the hoarding (just kidding, you cheap bastard).

How to Referral a Friend with Zecco Refer

  • Sign up for a Zecco Trading account if you don’t already have one.

  • Visit the Zecco Refer a Friend program site at: hello.zecco.com/raf

  • Fill in your name and email address that’s associate with your Zecco Trading account.
  • Fill out your friend’s name and email address. Click send. Your friend must sign-up with Zecco Trading using the same email address through which you invited them.
  • If your friend signs-up and funds their account with $500 within 60 days, you’ll get a $75 cash referral bonus from Zecco deposited into your account. If you have an IRA with Zecco, you’ll receive a $75 Amazon gift certificate to your email address instead.
  • You receive your reward in the first 10 business days of the following month after your friend has funded their account.