The question is a bit vague, I know.

Recently, one of my cousins seems to be changing right before the family’s very eyes.

My cousin is a hard worker. She completed her undergrad work at USC and went on to finish USC’s School of Pharmacy within two years. She was one of those shy type of people that kept to themselves. I respected her, for the level of commitment she had towards her academic career and the dedication she has for her professional career.

Having said that, it’s really unfortunate that my cousin’s being a real prick as of late.

She started her pharmacist job with a high five figure salary. We were all proud of her, happy for her. Within a year, her salary got bump well past the six figure mark, and again, we were all proud of her, happy for her success.

But woah. I’m not sure if its the money or the success, but something is getting to my cousin’s head. During many family gatherings, she’ll make frequent remarks about how she makes much more money than all of us, and in some instances, she’ll point out that her salary is more than a few of ours combined.

Now that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but she was hinting at it towards people older than her! Her aunts and uncles!

Last Christmas, she bought presents for our little cousins, which was nice. The not-so-nice part was her flaunting the gifts around. She made sure everyone in the family knew who bought the gifts for the little kids.

I know some of these things don’t sound too bad, but these are just the reader digest version of it. The change wouldn’t have been so obvious if it wasn’t for her past personality. She use to be so quiet and so down-to-earth. Now she’s the complete opposite. When you really think about it, it’s pretty scary.

The whole thing doesn’t really bother me much, since I don’t see my cousin around a lot. But if she doesn’t cut the crap, she’s going to ruin her relationship with a lot of people.

Has anyone else had similar experiences? Suggestions are welcomed.