I’m trying to clean out my desk (trying is the keyword here), and I noticed a dust covered box. As I brush off the dust, dead ants, and opened the box, I was presented with stacks of checkbooks. Yay.

Woot! Checks I'll never use!

These stack of check book came about from one of my pettier moments in life. When I stopped working for Bank of America years ago, I requested stacks of free checkbooks because my Prima account would soon be switched to a regular checking account (you get free checkbooks with the Prima account).

The ironic and stupid part is that, I should have known better than to request these checkbooks — after all, the very reason why I stopped working at Bank of America was because they closed down the Brea processing center due to the lower volume of check writings people do.

But seriously, who the heck still write checks these days?

The last time I wrote a check was years —

Well never mind. It was just yesterday, at the Santa Clarita courthouse, where I wrote a check for $39 so I can attend an 8-hour “home study” traffic school. Double yay.

P.S. In other situations where I have to write a check, I’ll use my checking account’s bill pay feature and let the bank do the postage mailing. 39 cent savings = hot.