Damn you, Xenu

You’re waiting in line at the bus stop and suddenly you hear chattering behind you. In fact, a giggle escaped from one of the female standing behind you. Without turning around, you knew right away what they’re discussing about.

The floating green numbers above your head. A dollar sign follow by digits. Your net worth.

Unfortunately, it wouldn’t go away. You tried in vain to cover it with numerous things. A top hat. An umbrella. Your kid on a piggy back ride. The numbers just floats higher. You tried whacking at it with a stick or your hand but the numbers will merely fissile out momentarily, only to reappear later.

And so you stood there, painfully aware that your numbers is the lowest ones among those waiting in line. You curse the day that Supreme Overlord Xenu made it mandatory for net worth to be displayed publicly and wish that you were back in 2007, where your only problems were the fact that everyone and their mom wanted to run for the Presidency of the United State of America…

Imagine for a moment that your net worth is public.

Worse, your entire financial history is available to a stranger — if they’re curious enough.

Things will certainly look different when you see your neighbor pulls up on his drive way, getting out of his brand new luxury car with a big red negative net worth floating above his head. You may also be surprise to find out that the humble looking neighbor down the street is a multi-millionaire, who has somehow saved his way to wealth.

A simple trip to the grocery store or shopping mall may also drastically change. Perhaps people would be more self conscious on what they buy. Nice new designer jeans while you’re showing a negative net worth? Not so hot. A small tip when the floating numbers says you can afford a lot more? Again, not very fun.

Let’s not forget the safety issues too — especially when you’re stuck on the bad side of the town with a big dollar sign floating above your head. (On the other hand, a negative net worth may be robbery deterrent).

Family and friends may treat you diffrently. Co-workers will chit chat (office drama to the max). You will hear more lines such as these: “Eyes down here please, those numbers don’t determine me as a person!” It seems there will be more negative implications than positive ones.

What if your net worth is public? What would you do? How will you and the rest of us act?