When did you start caring about your finances? And how did you come across these personal finance blogs?

I’m really curious, by the way. Although I always read all my comments, I promise to pay extra, tender, loving attention to comments left in this particular post.

My Answer: (for those that care)

I’ve mention the 10k+ of debt I incurred during my spending years before. Basically, one day I woke up, logged into my Bank of America account and saw something along the lines of: Checking account: $24.76. Credit card balance: $10,642. On that particular day, the debt level really struck me.

Perhaps it’s because the amount in my checking account will hardly cover the minimum payment. But more importantly, I was making money. I was making enough to pay off that debt, but somehow… the amount I owe hasn’t changed in months, and if anything — it has increased.

Alhough when compare to others, 10k+ isn’t a lot… but it was a lot to me at that time, considering how I didn’t have any large expense. I was bumming lodging off of mommy. The car payment was paid off. The school tuition taken care of by grants. Just how the heck did I accumulated this amount, when I was making money? (You see, in my mind, if I wasn’t making money… oweing money would have made more sense. heh).

I looked around my room, saw the numerous junk laying around. Rummaged through the stacks of old receipt in the tissue boxes (wasn’t really into shoes), and realized that I was squandering away my money. I realized that if I don’t change my ways, I will never pay off my debt and will never truly have the ability to take care of myself financially.

And so, I started to care more about my finances. I stopped buying crap (hence the craptastic blog name). I put efforts into paying off my debt. I found ways to reduce my interest rates. I started to save money.

On another particular day two years ago, I tried Googling for other similar accounts to ING Direct. Stumbled upon Jonathan’s My Money Blog, thought it was incredibly neat how people are sharing and writing about their finances. Hopped on the bandwagon, and now here I am today, asking you this question: when did you start caring about your finances?