Freaking Powerball
Right. So I don’t live in one of the Powerball states, but even if I do, I don’t think I would care who won the Powerball.

Every other freaking time when I come across a news report about the lottery, it would be some record-breaking jackpot.

“It’s the biggest jackpot ever for any lottery in the US!”

3 months later…

“It’s the biggest jackpot ever for any lottery in the US!”

Because the latest winner(s) haven’t gone public (or found out about it) yet, it has become quite a mystery.  Oooh, how exciting!

You see, I’ve been thinking about the amounts of news stories I’ve seen on Powerball jackpot winners. There’s quite a bit of them. Of course, most of us know that the chances of winning are quite slim. But every now and then, we’ll see some news about a group of people, family, blah blah, winning the “biggest jackpot ever for any lottery in the US” – and I wonder, does that affect some of our judgement?

The news story will usually be accompanied by statistics on previous winners and their jackpot amount, juicing it all up even more. It reminds me of that past survey, where they found out that over 20% of Americans believed that the best way to build wealth is by winning the lottery. So again I wonder, do these “constant” news report on jackpot winners affect the public a bit?

“This just in, family of four became millionaries after years of hard work, living below their means, and years of wise saving and investing.”

Guess that’s not as exciting.

Plus it would be pretty annoying to hear that everyday.