It doesn’t take a brand new sports car, a tropical vacation, or a well furnished house to make you feel “rich.”  Here’s ten simple ways to feel rich without extravagant materialistic means:

1.  Cook dinner with friends, family and loved ones. Try something simple like lasagna.  Use the time it takes to prepare and cook to catch up or reminiscence.

Lasagna dinner
photo credit: flit

2.  Take the dog, little ones, nephew, niece, kids from the neighborhood to the park.
Fly a kite, play b-ball, soccer, football, or tell Chuck Norris jokes.

photo credit: Ingorrr

3.  Hug someone you truly care about. When they wither in disgust or surprise, hug tighter.

photo credit: Tom@HK

4.  Write a hand written letter to your parents or loved one of choice. List all of your accomplishments, goals, and dreams — and before they start thinking you’re too full of yourself, thank them and tell them it couldn’t have happened without their love and support.

Writing My Letters
photo credit: barnabywasson

5.  Bake cookies. Hand deliver them to people you care about.

Fresh-Baked Cookies
photo credit: druzziel

6.  Volunteer your time. Help an organization or someone in need.

Family Volunteer Day
photo credit: blossominc

7.  Get outdoors. If you’re near one of the 58 national parks, grab some friends & rock on.

Capitol Reef National Park
photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt

8.  Get some family time in. Picnics, broad games, or a good flick from the library.

Family Time
photo credit: John Thron

9.  Read a great book. Don’t do it alone, read it with your partner, friends, or family.

Early Morning Reading
photo credit: Luis Fabres

10.  Watch a beautiful sunset.

Utah Sunset - Zion
photo credit: Timothy Hamilton

You’ll notice that most of the list entails some form of interaction with friends, family, and loved ones.  The election, market turmoil and other headlines can sometimes make our head spin and grab our attention, but don’t forget what truly matters, what easily make us smile, feel loved, and feel “rich” — the people around us.

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