So you can finally have an excuse to have a real conversation with that hot number next door.

“Going to the postal office? No need, just come visit my den.”

“Hey wait, come back! I’m talking about PC Postage!”

Crap that I mail out

If you handle a lot of mail through the postal office, you should definitely consider the convenience of PC postage, especially for certain businesses such as doctor and lawyer offices (your staff will thank you). Whether you’re an avid eBayer or you sell the occasional trinkets or two through online auction sites such as Craiglist, Amazon, or—being able to print out postage via the comforts of your home or office, is indeed sexy.

Of course, all good things in life comes with a fee, and PC postage services are no exception. Selecting the service to go with will depend on your shipping volume and needs. Here are some choices:

Click-N-Ship from USPS

The fairly straight forward click and ship from USPS. You may have seen their advertisement. Simply register and select the service you wish to use. You can pay for the postage directly online via your credit cards. You can also request for free shipping supplies for certain services from USPS.

Pros: No service charge. No software needed. Free shipping supply.
Cons: Limited to select services, such as Priority Mail and Express Mail, which are expensive.

Endicia from Envelope Manager Software

My service of choice for wannabe mass mailer. $9.95 or $15.95 per month. You can prepay a year to receive some discount, I pay an annual $99.95 fee for the standard service. The Premium service comes with a nifty “stealth” mode, where you can hide the actual postage amount on the mailing label. This way, you can rip people off on handling fee without worrying about repercussion. Just kidding! But seriously, mailing packages can add up in cost. The DAZzle software can be complicated to use at first, but it’s fairly flexible and allows for a good range of customization for your mailing labels.

Pros: Covers all USPS services. Fairly flexible software with good postage log. Good customer service. Stealth mode. Simple electronic refund.
Cons: Software can be difficult to use. Hassle conventional refund. Service fee can add up. from uh,

I tried briefly before. One of its main draw is the ability to print out actual 39 cents stamps, very neat. Its PhotoStamp service has a certain novel attraction, great for special occasions. It’s software is straight forward to use, and its initial package comes with a free digital scale and free postage. The drawback would have to be it’s monthly fee of $15.99, which can definitely add up through time. They also offer a special service tailored especially for legal offices.

Pros: Covers all USPS services. Easy to use software, okay customer service. Initial Free Trial comes with many bonuses.
Cons: Monthly fee adds up, software isn’t as flexible to customization.

PayPal Shipping from eBay

Using this service will of course, require you to use eBay and/or PayPal for the transaction. There’s no monthly fee, as the cost of service is added to each label you print, with amounts varying depending on services (around $0.10 per label). PayPal shipping is handy to use for those that don’t ship enough volume to warrant dedicate service such as Endicia or Although, if you’re shipping via a service such as Priority Mail, you should just use USPS’s Click-N-Ship to save on PayPal’s $0.10 surcharge.

Pros: No monthly fee. Fairly easy to use.
Cons: Requires eBay and/or PayPal. Surcharges can add-up. Limited service option and customization.

There is another service call Shipstream Manager from Pitney Bowes which I haven’t tried yet. Their service is heavily oriented towards small and medium business that handles large quantities of packages. The monthly fee is $18.99.

Besides all the stuff mentioned, PC postage have other benefits such as: reduced delivery confirmation fees, better package organizations, increase professionalism in packages, and reduction in address labeling errors.

The simple low down is, if you mail a lot of crap and you hate standing in line at the postal office, you should definitely services such as PC postage. Click, print, drop off and run away.