You would think after over a decade on the Interweb, I would have a photographic memory of all the top entertainment websites from the world. But alas, till this day I still get astonished looks from people as they ask: “What? You’ve never heard of Google?”

Well I’m sorry that I’m not well-versed on the fast pace viral world of Web 2.0 — you freaking ass. (There was also this matter of living in a dungeon for most of the 21st century).

Here’s seven websites for some fast, free, and easy entertainment, presented to you via pictures and links — Web 1.0 style. Woot woot.

TV, Flicks, and Videos


With a recent sneak peek of 30 Rock’s Season 3 premiere, one has to wonder how much more joygasm Hulu can provide.  A joint venture from NBC Universal and News Corp, has been be on the web for just a little over a year. You’ll find the majority of NBC, FOX, and other cable network shows on Hulu, along with plenty of blockbuster movies from years past. Who needs basic cable when there’s

2. is a website that allows users to distribute videos and TV shows using peer-to-peer TV technology (whatever the hell that means) — like Hulu, you’ll find TV shows, music videos, films from national television networks and big time studios on Joost.  The interface feels a bit more clunky than Hulu’s, and you’ll also need to sign up to use the service (takes only a few seconds).  Video quality seems a bit worse than Hulu’s, especially since many of Hulu’s content are available in 480p.


For our anime, Japanese and Korean soap loving crowd, Crunchyroll is the source to go for semi-legitimate (heh) Asian media.  Although not as refined as Hulu, as a video portal site Crunchyroll is full of content and contains a robust, active community.  Crunchyroll has also been providing more studio supported content in recent months. With show titles such as “I Love My Younger Sister,” how can you go wrong?


Spiffy Music


Fresh off its recent royalties payment battles, is one of the most popular music recommendation and Internet radio service website on the web (now limited to US residents only). Simply type in an artist or genre of your liking, and Pandora will start playing select piece that you may be interested in.  Thumbs up to play more like it, or thumbs down to skip and avoid similar type of music. A recent application for the iPhone now allows you to stream music from Pandora straight to your iPhone from any location.  Pretty sweet except I’m an iPhone hater.


Just in case you feel jaded by the US-only Pandora, in comes, most likely the largest Internet radio and music community website on the Internet. The UK based service claims over 20 million active users from over 200 countries, and was recently acquired by CBS. Like Pandora, sports a recommendation engine that lets you choose and stream the type of music you may like. Fairly easy to use and no registeration is required (but a profile saving your musical preference can be quite helpful).

Quick and Easy Games

6. Yahoo Games

Ah, the classic Yahoo Games. Don’t even get me started on how many hours I wasted playing Yahoo Pool during freshmen year in college. Oh, if only that translate into real billiard skills at the tables, I wouldn’t have to sell off my puppy.  From Scrabble, Monopoly, Spade, Bejeweled, to Chess and Go, test your mettle against others across the world. Just remember that no matter how good you think you are, there will always be some bratty 12 year-old kid from South Korea that can pummel you without breaking a sweat.

7. PopCap Games

The ultimate casual gaming publisher, PopCap Games’s flagship title Bejeweled has wasted away thousands of productivity hours.  If you love casual puzzle games, PopCap is the place to go.  The site is fairly easy to use, choose the game you’re interested in, install the plugin, and game on.  As an extra bonus, Steve Notley, the creator of one of my favorite web comics Bob the Angry Flower, works at PopCap.  I believe Steve’s website is as popular as this very blog — haha, zing!

This obviously isn’t a definitive guide to all the free resources on the web for music, videos, and games.  If you have a favorite site or service that you frequent, do share.