From Monday’s paper (that I finally got around to reading). These are tried and true tips that are worth mentioning again (yes, even if gas prices have gone down a bit):

1. Take it easy.

Driving at a reasonable speed will conserve gas. EPA’s rule of thumb: for every 5 mph over 60 mph, you’re paying an additional 20 cents a gallon for gas.

2. Cruise Control.

Engaging cruise control on the highway for better fuel management.

3. Lighten Up.

Take everything out of the car that you don’t need so your engine doesn’t have to work as hard. If packing for a road trip, try to keep luggage inside the vehicle rather than strapping to roof where it creates wind resistance.

4. Stay in tune.

Keep up with regular maintenance. Simple things such as changing the engine air filter on a needed basis can improve gas mileage as much by 10%.

5. Pump them up.

Properly inflated tires play a big role in good fuel economy. Check the sticker at the driver side door or glove box for the proper inflation pressure. Besides its effect on fuel economy, under/over inflated tires can significantly effect ride handling, vehicle safety, AND add unnecessary wear to your tires, costing you more money in the future.

6. Cool it on the AC.

Use air conditioners conservatively. Most air conditioner have a “economy” or “recirculation” setting that reduces the amount of outside air that must be chilled.

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