Tipd.com - Community for Financial NewsWhen Noah from OkDork.com told me about Digg a couple of years ago, I filed the site away as a Slashdot wannabe and figured it’ll never get “big.” Of course, as with my many predictions about the Internet and the world in general, I was dead wrong about Digg.com.

Being the outdated Web 1.0 loser that I am, I have always been skeptical and wary of social network/media websites.  It’s just like how some people were not willing to give up their 8-track tapes when compact cassette came along, I remain a slow adopter when it comes to new trends on the Internet to communicate and exchange information.

Tip’d is one such new source for financial news and information. A Digg-like website, Tip’d allows users to submit, comment, and vote (tip) on financial related stories. If you’ve used Digg or any other community driven social bookmarking websites before, then Tip’d will be very familar to you.

Tip'd - A community for financial news

Will the site grow large and the community become super awesome? I’ll refrain from making a solid guess as my track record for prediction blows — but things look decent as Tip’d has a smart group of people running the show, with top Digger like Muhammad Saleem and SEO guru like Andy Hagans.

Still, if you’re a regular Joe on the Internet, you wouldn’t care about any of that. You’ll frequent a website because it’s either fun or useful, not because of who’s running the site. Tip’d definitely has the potential to be useful (as for fun, that depends on how much of a financial geek you are).

If you’re a financial news junkie, be it stocks, commodities, or general personal finance — and if you love social news type of websites, Tip’d might just be the right place for you.

Look for me lurking on the site as Cap, and feel free to add me as a friend!

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