As the many Emigrant Direct customer knows by now, the Emigrant Direct servers are either down, overloaded, or just want to act like their customer service reps.

While server downtimes are to be expected for any online sites, today’s site problem doesn’t look good at all—especially since Emigrant Direct has been touting the brand new interface that was to be released today.

A customer’s comment from the Fatwallet finance forum sums it up nicely:

I have far lower expectations for non-vital services or utility services devastated by storms than I do for the institutions I trust my money with. This is not a natural disaster or unexpected, simply bad IT. If you are an online bank and you’re planning an upgrade there is no excuse for your bank being offline for an entire day. Worst case scenario your planning fails and you roll back to the old site until you remedy it. Sounds harsh but you’re talking about a failure of the core of your business for a full business day. If I weren’t an IT guy myself I might feel like thats unrealistic. Ymmv.

Thanks to Bill for the notice.

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