Jim over at Blueprint for Financial Prosperity was ranting about how annoying ING Direct’s PIN security measure were, and I agree with him. What better way to show my agreement than to clutter the Web with another blog post about the same exact thing?

ING’s recent PIN security:

Good question, what is this!?

The sucky part is, HSBC has the same deal. You’re require to enter another set of security key whenever you want to transfer funds in and out of your accounts. You’ll have to use the on screen keyboard.

HSBC’s security key:


The reason for these extra measures are of course many: using a public computer; spyware/malware; trojans/key loggers; blah blah, etc. It’s overall a good thing I guess, but for some of us it’s quite a hassle.

The reason why I point this out again is because other financial institutions will most likely adopt similar practices. It’s just unfortunate that the web is littered with so many junk now a days that we require numerous steps just to do some basic functions. I really miss the days where all you have to worry about are the average virus and trojans.

I just hope we don’t have some wacky 5+ step security requirements in the future, just to check your account balance.