It’s very easy to cross over to the dark side.

One minute you’re a frugal person, the next—a cheap ass that no body likes.

Recently we took our relatives to Sea World. You know how it goes, theme parks, rip-off food and water. So we try to be frugal and all that, we pack the water bottles and the sandwiches for lunch.

Dinner time comes. Everyone’s hungry but Cap-the-cheap-ass keeps trying to convince everyone to hold off on eating in the theme park.

“Just wait a little bit more.. I know this great place in Carlsbad.”

Then comes shopping time in the theme park. Just like before, Cap-the-cheap-ass keeps telling oversea relatives not to buy expensive souvenir. The relatives aren’t even big spenders, they just want to buy something little for the kids.

“You know, you can get the same thing cheaper at the swap—”

“Stop being a cheap ass and ruining people’s fun,” says Cap’s big sister suddenly, “or I’m going to punch you in the balls.”

Yes ma’am.

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