Update on the Emigrant Direct opening.

I finally got the letter last week, at least I think its the letter. It looks more like a statement than a letter teling you how to setup your online account, but all you really need is the Account Number anyway. They also sent me two of ’em… duno why *shrug*.

So I went to login, setup, fill in all my info… but for some reason when I login, none of the links under ACCOUNTS work. Summary, Account Activity, and Account Preference all results in error messages. I wonder if its because I funded the account with $0.

Emailed them about it, hopefully I can have functionality soon so I can transfer some funds in ASAP.

Ah pooey. I really want to take advantage of the 4% APY.

10/30/05: I finally received control of the account. It took about a week and three emails for someone to finally reply. Customer service could be better. My money has since been in Emigrant Direct for over three months.

02/03/06: Emigrant Direct closed my account. More details here.