Was looking at my checking account online today, and I noticed a pending transaction that I’m positive I didn’t make.


According to Bank of America’s telephone system, it’s a point of sale trasnaction. I wasn’t out of my house yesterday, and I havent used my check card for over a month.

A thread at Fatwallet revealed to me that another person had a similiar charge on his account, along with other fraudulent charges. It’s a bit troubling because there doesn’t seem to be any specific pattern yet to these charges.

Well, there’s a lot of steps to take when you’re in a situation like this. I’ve already called Bank of America to ask about the charge and the CSR told me that until this “company” can show proof of purchase, the charge will not go through. To be honest I think she’s feeding me a comfort line. I was going to worry about this later until I came across the Fatwallet thread.

I think I’ll give BOA another call, report this has a fraudulent charge (not dispute it – there’s a difference), and ask for a new check card. I may close the checking account in question too, but that’s going to be a big hassle as its linked to so many essential accounts. I’ll also be monitoring my other accounts, as people have reported monthly charges on their other credit cards.

Sigh. Looks like my info got leaked from somewhere. I hardly ever use my check card for online purchasing too.

Update – Oct. 5th

Well the fraudulent charge got posted. So much for that mythical “proof of purchase” crap the CSR was talking about.

The charge was by APPROPO E. SOLUTIONS and it looks like charges made under this name is starting to increase. It is sometimes paired along with a charge by DIGITAL AGE for $24.99.

Here’s a fellow from Carlsbad who also got the same charge on his BOA VISA.

After a few calls (kept getting transferred around), I finally got the charge reversed and the current check/debit card cancelled. The new card should arrive soon. I wasn’t going to close my checking account, but yeah you guys are right, I shouldn’t let some minor inconvenience be the cause of potential problems in the future. Once I finish unlinking everything, and making sure all the current pending bill pay goes through, I’ll close the checking account and open up another one.

I hope they catch these suckers, because it looks like the problem is pretty wide spread. Grr…