Question from a reader:

Do you have a friend or relative whose spending habits drive YOU crazy? Totally wasteful with their money?

Let me start by putting on my hypocrite suit, because to be fair, I use to be quite a spender myself. Now let me put on the groin cup, because my sister might read this.

My sister’s spending habit drives me nuts. She recently bought a condo and she’s filling the place up in full force. I’ve already mentioned her big screen 50″ HDTV. Couple days after she moved in, my sister got another TV, this time a flat panel plasma TV—so you know, you can hang them on the wall.

Recently, I walked into her kitchen and found myself starring at two refrigerators. She bought a new one. It’s a really nice one, big enough to store a cow or two, but the old refrigerator was still in working order.

Argh. I tried to talk to my sister about it, but my poor attempts usually come out as if I’m lecturing. Which doesn’t end well. Which brings me back to that groin cup I mentioned.

Feel free to rant with me.