A person’s question:

What would you pick? Job stability or job satisfaction? I work at the local shipyard, and I was working out in the field as a shipfitter (assembling large section of ship, welding, etc.). I worked my way into the engineering department of the main officer but turns out it’s just a paper pusher, office bitch type of a job. The job was cool at first, I was physced about being inside, getting to wear regular clothes, not having to smell like ass after being in 100+ degree heat inside a 3/8-1/2″ thick steel boat structure. I’ve been doing my job, getting pay increases and whatnot but I’ve come to realize that I don’t do ANYTHING.

The person above, is 22 I think. On top of doing no real work at his job, the company staff is supposedly mostly family so you have some sort of office politics or “family only” deal going on. He wants more real substantial work, but the apparently no one will provide for it, or help him improve in his job outlook. Basically, he can do a year’s work in one week.

He’s currently looking for new work, but the job is really comfortable. The job pays very decent for doing very little challenging work. His hours are flexible and besides the mentioned problems, work environment is rather stress-free. Although the company currently has a new owner, with orders for new ships coming in, he will most likely have plenty of “work” for a long while.

So, job stability or job satisfaction? In the case here, it’s obvious he’s not satisfy with the work his job provides him with. My opinion? He should get uncomfortable again. He doesn’t have anyone else to support but himself, so it would be fairly easy for him to detach. I would easily take a pay-cut or security, for a job that provides more challenges and satisfaction. Everyone within our age bracket should strive for something a wee bit more. Perhaps I’m naive to dream for the job, but eh, a healthy dose of dreaming & striving (while you still can) isn’t so bad.

A friend of mine studying medicine told me how he’s taking classes with many people that were in a completely different field, making decent figures—but they eventually decided to go back to school because they just couldn’t live with doing what they were doing for the remainder of their lives. I asked for my friend’s opinion on the situation mentioned above.

“Look, it’s what everyone says all the time,” he told me. “Do what you truly love, and the money will follow later.”

Of course, not everyone can get up and just walk away or head back to school. If you have a family to support, things will be more difficult without additional income sources. Some will have the ability to switch their career thanks to the support of their significant others, but those that are raising a family by themselves would have a tougher outlook.

It’s a tricky situation when you end up with one of these decision, no matter the life situation you’re in. Still, my suggestion for us young’un still deciding? Get uncomfortable. It’s not so bad.


What would you pick? Job stability or job satisfaction?