- find better cell phone plans and credit cards

Frequently getting overage charges from your cell phone plan? may be able to help you sort through hundreds of different cell phone plan and help you find the best plan to save you money.

Billshrink is pretty easy and straightforward to use. Choose the service that you want to compare (wireless or credit cards), input your calling or spending pattern and Billshrink will spit out a list of possible alternatives.

   Billsrhink cell phone comparison page      Billshrink credit card comparison page

You can also get a bit of phone usage analysis and better accuracy on cell plan comparison when you upload your phone bill to Billshrink. The site didn’t work too well for me as I already have a low price, discounted T-Mobile plan through Freelancer Union. The monthly bill of $36.85 is also a bit off since my plan was recently pro rated. If you have a regular consumer cell phone plan, you should definitely see better saving results.

BillShrink Cell Phone usage breakdown

As you can tell, I don’t use too many minutes or text messages. Lack of friends and all.

Heck, most of the calls is from the probational officer. Damn you James, I’m staying away from trouble, stop forcing me to call you already…

Features of Note:

  • Get quick cell phone usage analysis by importing your bill. See who you call the most and which calls are costing you money.
  • Sort through different plans from across different networks and choose the best rate.
  • Estimate additional cost for extra features on cell phone plans.
  • Compare and contrast best credit card for your spending pattern.
  • Let Billshrink “watch your back” and get notification when better rates and service are available (plans and credit card terms changes all the time).
  • Choose the type of phone you want to use and get even more specific comparison for plans that support the phone.

Billshrink can work fairly well if you’re not satisfied with your cell phone plan or not earning the proper rewards from your credit card spending. If you’ve already went through the process of doing heavy research to get the best cell plan or credit card — then Billshrink wont really help you save additional money (most likely the case if you’re reading a personal finance blog).

The credit cards comparison section is very detailed in terms of how they calculate the rewards; whether its point or miles, Billshrink converts them all into dollars so you can better compare the offerings.  Problem is, how the calculations are presented can be a bit confusing. If I had to re-read some details a few times just to understand how the calcuation works, then others that are less financially geeky may not be willing to take the time to understand the differences.

Despite that minor drawback (and I’m sure they’ll tune the site as time pass), BillShrink can be particularly helpful for the less research inclined. If BillShrink can continue to provide fast, easy, and objective recommendations, then it has the potential to establish itself as the place to go for service recommendations.


  • Best for people looking for quick ways to identify best service for them.
  • Easy to use, especially if you import your cell phone bill.
  • Notification service lets you know if there’s better offerings out there.


  • Credit card comparison calculations are a bit confusing.
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