Crap or Not? Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers

I work very well! Honest!

To the left, you’ll see Sharper Image’s famous Ionic Breeze Air Purifier—at a cool retail price of $350. You can grab it on eBay for around $170 shipped. Other knockoffs can be found for an even cheaper price.

The claims are rather skeptical, but you always have a friend’s uncle’s cousin who swears by it. The Wikipedia entry on air ionizer is under factual dispute, but according to Consumer Report, ionic air purifiers are judged to be “ineffective.”

A quick Google search reveals a review that’s far from favorable—the reviewer and his wife received severe headache as a side effect from using the ionic breeze. Other user reviews from Amazon are also mostly negative, with plenty more comments about health concerns when using the device.

So, crap or not? You can vote on the top right of the blog.

A real tough call, this one. Heh.

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Looks like crap, Sir.

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