Crap or Not? American Automobile Association Membership

Best benefit: Food discount.Got the renewal bill in the mail a few days ago.


Is AAA membership all fluff, or is it the greatest thing since slice bread?

Of the four years of membership, their service was utilized a few times. Once to jump start a car (couldn’t find the jumper cables), twice for towing buddies rides, another time to find a trustworthy auto repair shop, and a few times for those ‘free’ travel maps.

Then there’s those famous AAA discounts. Hotels, theme parks, restaurants, and retail stores. These were taken advantage of whenever possible. In fact, if you’re a frequent traveler, AAA discount will easily pay for itself within days.

AAA Membership price seems to vary by region. To the top right, you’ll see that for a Southern California basic membership, the price is $47 and an additional $24 for another adult membership. $71 for two people. Not too bad.

Still, in recent years their service have been utilized less and less—while their membership price has been slowly increasing. $71 per year isn’t a big deal, but ten years of that and it’ll be $710. That’s a lot of hot Cheetos.

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Looks sorta like non-crap, Cap'n.

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