Mmm. $3,000 soft.


Crap or Not? Tempur-Pedic Mattresses and Pillows

Aka “memory foam” for the generic and cheaper brand.

Some people seem to swear by this thing. The infomercial often touts that sleeping on these mattress will make you feel like you’re sinking into a cloud. Or, slowly drowning in the sea—as how I felt when I tried it.

The often found polyurethane based material was original designed for NASA for use in the space program (was it ever actually used?), hence the wacky mention of “the only mattress recognized by NASA and certified by the Space Foundation.”


Said mattress can be found for over thousands of dollars. Every salesman you’ve met will tell you that “9 out of 10” people loved it. Hype aside, memory foams have many medical application, especially for those who have to be bed bound for long periods of time.

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