The Gym. The Bane of all lazy nerds.


There’s Always Those Annoying Cool Guest Pass for Friends

Personally I think they’re a big waste of money — and it has nothing to do with my love for the couch and television set.

Out of the three friends I have, none of them really use their gym membership. This can be quite a waste, especially since gym membership dues can be rather expensive.

You should also note that having gym membership can turn you into a heartless human being, exemplified by the exchange below between me and Jim of Blueprint for Financial Prosperity:

Cap: Hey Jim. What’s up?

Jim: Nothing much.

Cap: Sigh. I had a really bad day today —

Jim: Can’t talk now gotta hit the gym see ya.

*Your Buddy Jim Has Signed-Off*

Anyway. Maybe I’m being a bit subjective. Maybe working out at home is overrated, and having strangers staring at you while you’re slaving away is fun.

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