Mmm... A380 first class concept

Because Separating Yourself from Lesser Beings via a Curtain Rules

Being the plebeian that I am, I have never flown first or business class.

Each time I board a flight, I would shuffle my way through the spacious front compartment to reach my seat far in a distant land. Although I’ve flown economy class time and time again, each time I reach my eventual seat, I would always wonder if it was my imagination or were the economy class seats getting smaller and smaller.

First and Business class airfare can cost many times more than that of coach/economy class, although in some occasion (for shorter flights), business class may not be much different than regular class in terms of seating arrangement.

I’ve often peeked through the curtains (and watched my share of movies) to have a glimpse of first class service, yet I still often wonder: is the cost worth it?

Perhaps I need to pray harder to the air travel fairy, and hope for a bump to first/business class on my future flight (as Max did when he flew to Poland), so that I can fully appreciate and bask in the glory that is first class service.

Poll Result:

Looks like semi-crap, flight marshal!

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