So what if I'm wrong about the Wii, the iPod, the iPhone, the...In early 2006, when the 7th generation console from Nintendo went from its codename of “Revolution” to the official name “Wii,” I soundly scoffed at the silly video game console’s name and immediately declared that the Wii will be a hype-only product, quickly forgotten — just like the Apple iPod.

With about 7.8 million units sold in the U.S. as of January 2008, it appears that I’m a tad bit wrong on Wii’s potential downfall (FYI: iPod sales to date ~ 140 million).

“How can you call this a next generation console?” I asked aloud (to no one in particular) back in 2006. “Where’s the 20 core CPU? The steel melting GPU? And what is this crazy wannabe remote controller?”

None of these questions stopped my extended families from purchasing the $250 video game console unit, nor did it stopped me from joining in on the Wii fun during family gatherings.

During one such recent gathering, my younger cousin asked me if I was the one who declared Wii to be lame and “craptastic.” I promptly told him to eat his cookie and shut up.

Kids these days. No respect for their elders.

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Looks like it's not really crap, sir.

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