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As I’m scouring the web for great deals on computers, HDTVs, video games, etc. (I’m usually looking for stuff at least $20 less than the next best price on comparison sites like PriceGrabber but I sometimes find up to $100 off or more) I also run across some pretty ridiculous products and “deals” that I wouldn’t encourage Dealzon’s friends to buy. But they’re good for a few laughs and an always welcome reminder to “stop buying crap.” Here are five funny deals I saw last week.

Boxing Gloves for Nintendo Wii

Boxing Gloves for Nintendo Wii $11 shipped from

I don’t care how cheap these are. Do you really need gloves on your hands for protection when you’re not actually striking anything during Wii boxing? Do you really need them for looks? I always thought boxers looked tougher without the gloves on anyway. If the ol’ bare knuckles are good enough for the G.O.A.T, they’re good enough for you.

Forza 3 Racing Gaming Seat (Limited Edition)

Limited Edition Forza 3 Racing Seat $350 shipped from Amazon

What! A! Deal! Pay just one easy monster payment of THREE HUNDRED FIFTY bucks for this car seat for infant adults (diapers not included) and they’ll throw in the game, which sells for $52 by itself. Alright, so you’re down to $300 and it doesn’t even come with a steering wheel or pedals. So good luck using it for driving, let alone racing.

MP3 Player (FREE) with a HeartStart Home Defibrillator

Free Philips GoGear MP3 Video Player (when you buy a Philips HeartStart Home Defibrillator) $1,265 shipped from Amazon

Now, shifting gears…(oh, I guess it didn’t include a shifter either)…This Amazon special sounds like it belongs on QVC or a late night infomercial. Free MP3 player when you buy a heart defibrillator. Go ahead, show me someone who might need a defibrillator who would even have a prayer of operating an MP3 player (and a non-iPod at that). You know this killer deal has gotta be the brainchild of someone at Amazon saying Well the senior market segment is a growing one, and we really should promote healthy lifestyles, so… Now where was the wise old man when you need him? Honey, if I’m going to spend $1200 on anything, it better play music on its own.

The Latest Apple iPod Shuffle

Apple iPod Shuffle (4th generation) $55 shipped from Amazon

I was shocked when I saw this one. Apple’s little stick of music surprise has the LOWEST CUSTOMER REVIEW RATING – 2.5 out of 5 stars – OF AMAZON’S TOP 100 ELECTRONICS BESTSELLERS.

Wow. With customer review headlines like Headphones suck! and Worst Apple product ever and Just Say No, I’d walk away from the shuffle and pick up a 1GB or 2GB mp3 shuffler from a “lesser” brand for $20 or less.

Kanye West “Imma Let You Finish” T-shirt

Kanye West “Imma Let You Finish” T-shirt $20 from BustedTees

Sticking with music (you gotta love my transition puns!), there was no joke this year more fun to use again and again than Kanye’s plug for Beyonce during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech. There’s a Tumblr blog collecting all the Kanye interruption spoofs, and there’s even an app to generate a Kanye overlay of your website, but a T-shirt? It might be okay if they shortened the joke so someone could actually get it without having to stare at you to read the whole thing. Don’t buy that. You could make a better one yourself.

That concludes this edition of Crappy Deals of the Week — not that I don’t have more…just need to save material for next time! Next time you need something decent, go to for the best HDTV deals, cheap laptops, and more.