Only 50K for self-esteem
Hummer H2/H3
Built on the Chevy Tahoe platform with a skin of a Hummer, the H2 is the ultimate poser vehicle. Good news for GM is that the U.S. is full of consumers with single digit IQs. To continue with the tradition of ruining the Hummer name, they rolled out the ‘Hummer’ H3. Yay! For more H2 hate, check out
Spin spin spin!
Rims. That spins. Hey, it’ll go great with the H2 and H3! The bigger the rims the bigger your you-know-what. Never mind that they cost more than the car—or your house.
Buy me, along with all my accessories. Please.
Sony PSP
Mmmm… PlayStation Portable. It’s a pretty cool handheld game console, with plenty of awesome feature and what-not. But, at a cool $250 USD? No thanks. Mobile entertainment for me = library books.
Happily ever after, right?
Trophy Wife
Too expensive.

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