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Status Symbol That Cost More Than Your Car

The TIKAL PM, only $1000 USD!


A week ago, I was trolling along the fashion district in Los Angeles with six other nice ladies. Calm your horses as I’m not some hot-shot player (they’re family and I was the bag holder for the day).

As we stroll through the retail stands, I spotted a handful of counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags at one of the stand.

“Oh man, they want $40 for this fake?” I made a remark.

“The really good counterfeits cost over $100.” my sister said.

Flippin’ barnacle. Over a hundred bones for fake stuff. (Nevermind how much the real goods will cost). If it wasn’t for the excruciating heat, I would have made a big fuss about the craziness of these luxury goods. But alas, it was a hundred and six degree and I didn’t want to carry even more bags.

“I’ll never get why girls spend so much money on these kind of things.” I said instead.

“And I’ll never get why you won’t shut up about those lightweight rims you want to get for your car.” said the loving sister.


p.s. yes, I’m aware the link is to a different designer label ;)