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Status Symbol That Cost More Than Your Car

The TIKAL PM, only $1000 USD!


A week ago, I was trolling along the fashion district in Los Angeles with six other nice ladies. No, I’m not some hot-shot player. They’re family, & I was the bag holder for the day.

As we stroll through the retail stands, I spotted a handful of counterfeit Louis Vuitton handbags at one of the stand.

“Oh man, they want $40 for this fake?” I made a remark.

“The really good counterfeits cost over $100.” my sister said.

Flippin’ barnacle. Over a hundred bones for fake stuff. If it wasn’t for the excruciating heat, I would have made a big fuss about the craziness of these luxury goods. But alas, it was a hundred and six degree and I didn’t want to carry even more bags.

“I’ll never get why girls spend so much money on these kind of things.” I said instead.

“And I’ll never get why you won’t shut up about those lightweight rims you want to get for your car.” said the loving sister.