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If You Don’t Buy All These Stuff, You’re Going to FAIL

Buy me or it's a big fat F

Reader’s email:

Has shopping for “Back to School supplies” become the new corporate holiday?

I’m sure it hasn’t. Your kids definitely need a Lightning McQueen Portable CD Boombox for the upcoming school year. Or a new iPod, wireless router, and digital camera.

If you stroll around fine retail stores such as Target, you will no doubt realize that, if you dare use last year’s backpack, notebook, and binders—you will fail miserably academically. Because as you all know, backpacks magically disintegrate within a year.

Wardrobes are another story. Reader’s email suggest that kids do in fact grow astronomically through summer, so new clothes may be essential, but not $1,000 essential.

The same goes with you silly college students. Text books are expensive enough as it is, don’t fool yourself into thinking that you need a new desk, laptop, or the latest styling—no body cares what you look like anyway. You don’t need to extreme makeover your dorm room, nor do you need new bedsheets—try washing them for a change.

Cap’s back to school supply: $200 textbook, paper from Costco (supply since elementary), free pen and notepads from local realtor.