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Only $1.25 x 240 days.

Stinking Bottle Water That Cost More Than Earl Grey Tea

You’re probably like me—every time you’re forced to buy a bottle of water at some outdoor event, you curse the human body for it’s pitiful need to be hydrated.

“Oh, why didn’t I bring a canteen with me on this hike through the desert!?”

Because as you know, $1.25 for a bottle of water at the local Desert-Mart is a total rip-off.

Here’s how (probably) Pepsi’s Aquafina got started:

“Guys, I just got a great idea,” says one PepsiCo executive, “Get this, we’ll buy water from the local municipal tap water, treat it with our ‘special’ purification process, mark it up 3,000% and watch the profits roll in!”

“That’s bloody brilliant!”

If you rely on bottled water as one of your primary water source—you’re seriously throwing money down the drain. Even if you buy those 1-gallon jugs, the cost will add up significantly compare to the alternatives of tap water and home filters.

In most develop country, the municipal water supplies are of just as high quality as bottled water, if not better (especially compare to some mineral water bottles).

If convenience is your issue, buy a canteen. They come in all these different crazy sizes, you’re bound to find one that suits your needs. If taste is one of the issue, chill the water before use. When water is ice cold, taste difference are a lot less noticeable. If your like those ‘flavor splash’ bottled water, buy a freaking fruit—it’s healthier.

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