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Your regular household pets

Annoying Little Dogs That Cost More Than Your Mortgage Payment

A reader’s email:

I thought of another crap shoot that so many people have bought into. Small, expensive, annoying dogs! What is the point of buying a $500 (or more) dog that doesn’t do anything but sit in your Louis Vuitton bag?? Thought you may be able to use your gift to shed some light on the subject. Thanks!

Done and done.

Nothing beats fulfilling the request of one reader at the risk of alienating the rest of my readers. My fellow pet hater, Free Money Finance should enjoy this post (hah just kidding, FMF doesn’t hate pets).

To be honest, I have no real quarrels with pets — the problem I have are with potential pet owners who purchase a pet for wrong reasons. They can be buying it as a little-thought gift for a lover, child, etc.; or they may have bought it because of some short-term need for companionship. There are many more wrong reasons, but I will spare you with them as thinking about them makes my blood boil.

There are a few things many people should think about before they acquire a pet. They should realize that pets are living beings, with certain specific needs and wants. Pets are not your expensive iPods, or your brand new Porsche that can be traded-in, thrown away, or upgraded when they no longer interest you (or your child).

The cost of ownership of a pet can be surprisingly high in the long term, especially if you don’t prioritize your spending. Ever have a cousin, sister, brother, or mother-in-law that spends more on their pet than their monthly car payment?

Finally, pet ownership requires real commitment and responsibility. This is a purchase that needs to be considered carefully, both in the financial and moral aspect. If your pet becomes ill, how much are you willing to spend to save its life? What happens if you neglect to spay your cat, and suddenly find yourself with a litters of kittens?

Pets are hardly crap, but if you’re buying them as a spur of the moment “please forgive me and come back to me” gift to your ex-girlfriend, please tell me where you live so I can go kick your ass (or if you’re bigger than me, lecture you from afar).

Uh, Free Book!

Looks like anything can be a bestseller these days --- kidding!

Win a free copy of the New York Times Bestseller Marley & Me! Why? Because it’s entirely appropriate to give away a book on the joy of pet ownership in a blog post that tells you not to buy pets.

All you have to do is leave a comment on why pet ownership was worth the financial cost to you. If you’ve never owned a pet you can also try lying — although you should know how Santa feels about that.

Winner will be chosen randomly. Limit one entry per person and household address. Be sure to include an email address while leaving a comment. Ends 7/29/06.

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