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We're FABULOUS!Shoes that you don’t need or wear. My sister is going to kill me when she read this, but I have to say she’s one of the prime examples of excessive shoe buying. (Remember before you pick up that knife sis, that we’re family!) I can’t even imagine the amounts of money she has spent on shoes through the years. If I would have to guess, she has about 60 to 80 pairs of shoes (I know there are people with more out there). Does she wear them all? Probably at least once for each pair. But does she need them all? Most likely not. She had so many shoes that she bought a 6 feet by 3 feet bookshelf to store about 2/3 of her shoes. Wasted money? No idea. (Plus I’m too scared to ask)

Batman can so kick Superman's buttComic books. To make things fair, here’s something I totally blew money on. I use to collect comic books as a hobby when I was younger. Compare to a lot of people, I probably don’t have a lot of comic books (around 500 to 600). But that’s still more than $2,000 spent. Each of these comic books cost about $2 to $4, and I’ve spent much more than retail price on quite a few of them. The most I’ve ever spent on one individual book was probably around $25. To “complete” my collection, I’ll spend more than the reasonable amount just to fill up the missing gaps in published issues. *smacks head* The stupid part was that I tried to justify the high cost in that they’ll eventually become more valuable in the future. *smacks head harder* With the help of marketplaces such as eBay, supply to comic books became much easier. I think we all know what happens when supply gets closer or outweighs demand. Wasted money? ~$1,800

The Entire Collection of Games for Windows and Sounds of Windows
CDs (music and software). JLP from All Things Financial mentioned that he bought one too many CDs. I share the same problem. Some people will think that I’m lying, but I do buy music CDs. They’ll probably say, “But Cap, you barely listen to music!” Exactly why it’s a waste. Besides buying music CDs that I hardly listen to, I had a silly tendency to buy “bargain” software CDs from the “bargain bins.” Do I end up using these software regularly? Nope. In fact, my filled up 200-CDs-Stand has quite a few still shrink-wrapped CD cases. Wasted Money? ~$120

I want to list a few more things, but I can’t think of anything else as of this moment. So join the fun! List some of the “crap” you’ve wasted money on, or should stop wasting money on. I’ll throw it in the next edition. I’m sure by then I can come up with more stuff I’ve wasted money on.

Please remember that some of these things are obviously subjective. It’s never my intention to offend people, so we should take everything in perspective. In my opinion, hobbies and collections are all fine and dandy – even if they’re costly. It’s all about wise purchasing decisions though. If you’re having trouble paying off your credit card bills every month, you probably don’t need another Star Wars action figure from Wal-Mart. However, if you’re part of the Walton family? By all means, buy that “limited-edition” Chewbacca!