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Once again it’s been awhile, but its time to live up to the blog’s name.

Computer Games

There. I admit it. I play computer games. Although not at any addicting level, it has certainly cost me some grade point average, social life points, and financial resources. All of the sake of “entertainment.” Sigh.

Computer games run for $50-$60 brand new. Let’s not forget those games that have a monthly subscription fee ($10-15) after you paid the initial $50. Yikes!

Why computer games specifically and not ALL video games? Well one of the main reason is because if you’re a computer gamer, you generally will have to have a computer. (Dur?) But, not just any computers! Depending on what you play, you will either need the latest hardware, or at least something more than what the average computer contains. So this means more $$$. Although I don’t go crazy and upgrade my computer all the time, I have certainly bought parts for the sole purpose of running computer games faster. (e.g. graphics card). Anyhow, I’ll save the computer ranting for another edition.

Money down the drain.

These are some of the boxes I found around my room. I have bought plenty more games than this. (Although not an insane amount). Most of these I bought used for at a cheaper price, but still could have just not spend the money at all.

The super stupid part here is the Half Life 2 game I bought for $40 (I waited a bit for the price to drop from $50-60). It’s quite possibly one of the best modern computer game today, but the problem is I’ve only played it for a few hours. I bought it because I thought I’ll spend lots of time on it. But for whatever reason, I never got around to really play it.

So now it sits there and collects dust. I leave it around as a reminder. Hey, haven’t bought a game since!

Wasted Money? Maybe a few hundreds.